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Francis Picabia - 391

A complete black and white photocopy reprint (with the author's permission) of the review published from 1917 to 1924 by Francis Picabia and an extensive critical apparatus.

Volume I

This bound A4 volume contains a normalized reproduction of the 19 issues (now extremely rare) of the dadaist periodical published by Francis Picabia in Barcelona, New York, Zurich and Paris successively. They make up a collection of documents which, along with the periodical Dada, permit us to understand the evolution in modern art and literature in the 20th century.

391 n° 4 - Roulette

391 n° 6 - Américaine
391 n° 8 - Construction moléculaire

Volume II

Critical folder for Volume I including historical notes, critical apparatus, reprints of Cannibale and La Pomme de pins, unpublished documents and letters, tables of contents, indexes and tables established by Michel Sanouillet.

Volume I: ISBN 2-902311-33-8 
27x21 - 158 p.
Volume II: ISBN 2-902311-34-6 
27x21 - 286 p.  

The two volumes (not sold separately): 40 euros

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